About GRENARDI Group

In the beginning, we were moved by majestic Bohemian garnets and stylish, gold Italian jewellery. Then inspiration came from classic diamonds, multi-coloured amethysts, topazes, citrines, innovative designs in gold and other precious metal works…
We have invested our joy, love and efforts into Grenardi, a company that has gradually established itself as a symbol of quality, impeccable service and a range of products many of our customers call the best.

The company’s 23 stores in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Switzerland offer an assortment of jewellery and services to suit any taste, style and budget. These stores have been incorporated into the GRENARDI Group along with the expansion of our retail location network and the evolution of the diverse concepts of our product lines:

GRENARDI — Beautiful jewellery! A broad assortment of jewellery for a wide audience;
SHINE — A jewellery salon for women. Contemporary jewellery and collections of globally recognised brands.
VAN REIN — Jewellery and accessories for men. These salons offer accessories and items by manufacturers well-known in the world of jewellery design, as well as a range of men’s watches;
KUOSHI - New fashion accessories parlour for women. Fine kerchiefs, bags, furs, high quality bijoux and natural semiprecious stones.

Loyalty is like a jewel that must be cherished and protected… We have developed a series of advantages and additional services to provide loyal GRENARDI Group customers a pleasant shopping experience and care for their jewellery. We also strive to ensure the availability of the broadest possible range of services.

For customer convenience and a continued successful relationship, we have introduced "Gold Expert", which offers a new array of services in Latvia for the exchange, repair and maintenance of gold articles.

At the beginning of 2014 ANGHINONI salon in Lugano has joined GRENARDI Group. ANGHINONI is a story about real values – about our wish and ability to keep the love and respect of the “old” world to the culture, traditions and art by combining it skillfully with modern approach to entrepreneurship, business relationships and jewelry store concept development.

Each piece of jewellery tells a story,
Each purchase is an opportunity,
Each customer now has a reliable partner.
About GRENARDI Group